Premio Michelangelo


The prize Michelangelo, conceived since 1997 by Giulia Mazzarol Pace, born with the intention not only to reward great artists, but also to highlight the hard work of quarries and the unrivalled statuary of Alpi Apuane that, in its highest expression, is art and as such is know in the world.
One year later, the realization of the prize is organized by the Cultural Association "Il Cerchio " and the president Giulia Mazzarol Pace.
The prize consists in a piece of marble, of the historic quarries of Michelangelo of Franco Barattini, to represent theĀ  Bianco Statuario block that he would have selected in the quarry, in a rite that lead to retrace the ancient route walked many times by the great Michelangelo