Premio Michelangelo

The idea.

In 1997, " Scolpire all'aperto " housed inside entertainment shows. The current mayor of Carrara Angelo Zubbani, at that time  president of the APT(Touristic promotion Agency), offered the opportunity to organize a fashion show.
It was on this occasion that love for the territory and art, suggested to me a cultural project that found a happy realization and success which was sealed in the press: "Sensational Prize Michelangelo" to sculpt in open air. Sensational was the name of the first rewarded - Giò Pomodoro - of whom I keep a correspondence and whose friendship I was honoured of. Important contribution  was offered by the great actress Lidia Alfonsi that in that event declaimed poems of the great Michelangelo.Indisputable the support and generosity of one of the most important entrepreneurs in the stone sector: Franco Barattini owner of the historic quarries of Polvaccio today quarries Michelangelo. I knew him through the sculptor Prof. Leonardo Massari. To me it was essential the award not to be represented only by a parchment.
I wanted that award-winning artist received a piece of marble, to represent the  Bianco Statuario block that he would have selected in the quarry, in a rite that lead to retrace the ancient route walked many times by the great Michelangelo. And Giò Pomodoro shared with us this emotion. In a cold autumn morning he transfered to us the sanctity of sacrifice of the hard work of the quarry-workers and he defined the quarry " laic temples of  work’s religiousity."
In the morning I was inroduced to the entrepreneur Franco Barattini, to my request for a block of marble to offer the sculptor as a reward, I did not even define the terms of my question and he answered in carrarese "for the block, there is no problem "and he told me the story of his life at the quarry. initially I had thought that should be,in rotation, the various entrepreneurs of carrara to offer the block, but the feeling with Franco Barattini, his love for marble, for artists, his generosity and intelligence led me to share this experience that I consider the most important of my working life.

Giulia Mazzarol Pace.